Dear curling friends,
be so kind and find enclosed invitation to our international bonspiel at Prague.
ZBRASLAV OPEN 2023 is from 12.-15. of January 2023 and it is open for 16 teams. We still have some spots available.
Entre-fee is 350 EUR.
In our bonspiel you have 4 games guaranteed and Saturday party with dinner (for 4 players) is in entre-fee, too.
Prizes are for first four teams.  For first place it worth 20.000,- CZK.
Accommodation is possible to take in Prague Zbraslav near the Sport Centrum in https://www.nadkralovnou.cz/en/hotel (approx.500 m from curling hall ) and https://www.darwinhotel.cz (approx. 1,3 km from curling hall) or nearby at Prague City (it is approx. 10-15 min drive).
Our two sheet curling hall is a part of Sport Centrum Tresnovka at Prague – Zbraslav, suburb of Prague, just 20 min from the center as well as 20 min from the airport.
If you have some question or if you some help (with accommodation or with time for first match), do not hesitate to contact us (or me or through curling@centrumtresnovka.cz).
Best personal regards and see you soon at Prague
Radek Klima