Dear Curlers,
Hvidovre Curling Club would like to invite you to Copenhagen Junior Open 2022, which takes place 2nd – 4th of December 2022.

Nordic Junior Curling Tour
We are part of the Nordic Junior Curling Tour – look here for further details:
Nordic Junior Curling Tour

Number of teams:
Max 24 teams.

Last day of entry:
1st of November 2022 to Lars Vilandt at: lars@curling.dk

Entry fee:
Please transfer the entry fee of DKK 1.800 latest by 15th of November to this account, including your team name:

A/C 5025 1433186
Benificiary: Hvidovre Curling Club c/o Martin Høgh
IBAN: DK2650250001433186

The entry fee will include a dinner Saturday night in Curlers’ Lounge.

System of play:
We will try to have a separate junior women and mens competition, but if there is not enough teams registered, we will have a mixed competition.

All teams are guaranteed 4 games. Final games will depend on number of teams in the tournament.
First game will be Friday noon/afternoon – depending on number of teams. We will send an e-mail as soon as possible giving the time for your first game. Program will be available before the tournament begins.

Prizes for the best 4 teams.

Scandic Hotel and Belægningen (Hostel) are both approximately 3,0 km from the rink, and are located in Hvidovre.

Steelhouse Copenhagen is located in downtown Copenhagen, and there is a direct connection with train (about 12 min) to Hvidovre.

Contact information:
Scandic Hvidovre:
Phone number – +45 36 49 81 70
All prices include sheets, towels, breakfast and cleaning.

Belægningen Hostel in Hvidovre (Showers and toilets in the rooms)
Phone number – +45 36 77 90 84.

Steelhouse Copenhagen:
Located in downtown Copenhagen about 25 min from the arena. This one is next to Vesterport station which can take you to Friheden station next to the rink.

If there are any questions: don’t hesitate to contact the organizing committee on lars@curling.dk

We look forward to welcome you in Hvidovre.

Best regards,