Hvidovre Mixed Doubles Cup


In the group stage all teams will play each other in the group (8 ends). In case of a tie after 8 ends a winner will be determined through “one stone shoot-out” whereby each team makes one final draw. The team with the stone closest to the button is the winner.

Points will be awarded in the following way:

  • 3 points for winning in 8 ends.

  • 2 points for winning in “one stone shoot-out”.

  • 1 point for losing in “one stone shoot-out”.

  • 0 points for losing in 8 ends.

15 minutes before the game starts the first team (first team in the program) will have 4 minutes of practice followed by two Last Stone Draws (LSD) consisting of 1 stone per player, 1 clockwise and 1 counterclockwise. The winner of LSD (lowest average) decides hammer. Team practicing first plays red stones. The second team will practice after the first team has finalized its LSD.

WCF approved sweeping equipment must be used!

Time clocks will not be used during the matches. Players are expected to play in a reasonable pace to ensure that there are no delays in the schedule. That means that a game of 8 ends is expected to take 1 h 30 min. Each team, regardless if they have a coach present or not, may call one 60 seconds time out per game. Teams that have a coach present may consult with the coach during these 60 seconds.


The three highest ranked teams in each group will qualify for the play-offs. 
Teams are ranked within the group based on:

1.        Number of points
2.        Head-to-head record
3.        Draw Shot Challenge (DSC) (counting the team’s 5 best shots from the LSD)

For the playoffs the group winners will be qualified for the semifinals. Second and third placed teams will be paired and play quarterfinals across groups. Ranking between teams from different groups will be based on number of points in the group stage followed by the DSC.

In the quarterfinal’s A2 plays B3 and B2 plays A3. Best ranked team after the group stage have hammer in the playoff games, play yellow stones and practice first. 

All playoff games are played in 8 ends with a “one stone shoot-out” in case of a tie except the final round. The final and bronze game will play an extra end in case of a tie.